Larry DelGrego and Son Parker Shotgun


to the rich history of a classic American shotgun and the Del Grego family of skilled artisans who have, for four generations, committed their skills and knowledge to the proper repair and restoration of “Old Reliable”…the Parker Shotgun.

The Del Grego name is highly respected throughout the world and is synonymous with expert Parker gunsmithing skills. All of our repairs are made using original parts and finished to factory specifications set forth by Parker Brothers who pioneered many advances in the development of American sporting arms. Parker Guns were designed and built predominately as side by side, double-barrel shotguns. The firearm was originally crafted with Damascus steel “twist” style barrels and external hammers. The guns quickly earned their reputation both in the field and in competitive target shooting venues. Over the years, it evolved into a fluid steel barreled, hammerless shotgun offered in many grades, from field grade to custom built, high grade sporting arms with elaborate engraving and select woods. The Parker shotgun is one of the most sought after and respected American sporting guns in the world and the DelGrego family stands behind the integrity of this classic shotgun.