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Larry DelGrego & Son Est. 1955

Lawrence DelGrego III, the present owner and operator of Larry DelGrego & Son is the fourth generation Parker Shotgun specialist. The overlap of generations resulted in a continuous flow of knowledge of exact specifications and procedures required to repair and restore Parker shotguns to Parker standards.

His father, ‘Babe’ (Larry DelGrego Jr.) was brought into the business by his father Larry DelGrego Sr, in 1958 after completing four years in the US Air force. Of all the Parker employees, no one has repaired or even seen more Parker Shotguns than Babe. In the thirty five years he worked in the business he repaired and restored many impressive Parker shotguns including making a new stock for the third Invincible to exact Parker standard thus restoring the originality of one of the most sought after Parker guns of all times. His broad knowledge from functional repairs to fitting stocks and forends and completely restoring Parkers to original condition has been the reason Larry DelGrego has been able to maintain the high standards of the Parker gun. He is still a great source of knowledge concerning anything Parker.

Some Parker enthusiasts have been fortunate enough to catch Babe at the shop during their visits to the shop. He is always happy to share his knowledge and reminisce the old days in the Parker business.

Lawrence DelGrego III, grew up in the shop, as a child playing around the finest Parker shotguns ever made. He was put to work at an early age and after completing college entered the business full time with his father continuing the Parker legacy until 1993 when Babe suffered a stroke. Today, Lawrence has successfully continued the Parker tradition and is committed to upholding the American family tradition. Looking to the future, he does have two sons who occasionally help at the shop but is just could be his daughter who carries on the tradition and is committed to upholding the American family tradition. Parker shotguns are not a hobby for the DelGregos, it is a way of life.

Herman Shura was the first of the family who worked for the Parker shotgun company. He was a German watch maker who was retained by Charles Parker to update and redesign the single trigger. He spent the balance of his career installing and repairing Parker single triggers.

Lawrence DelGrego Sr was brought into the company by his father-in-law, Herman, in 1933. He was an excellent mechanic and worker and was fortunate to work in most areas of the Parker gun company as well as the custom repair shop after Remington moved his family to Ilion when the Parker Company was purchase by Remington. Larry traveled for Remington repairing Parkers in the field until Remington made the decision to discontinue repairing Parkers. Larry recognized the need for someone to repair these fine guns and had the foresight to purchase the Parker parts & fixtures giving up his retirement from Remington to service Parker guns thus ensuring their value for the future. He also had the advantage of the remaining Parker employees in the area and they were very helpful in sharing their individual specialties in the servicing of Parkers especially in training Babe, Larry DelGrego II.

We are often rewarded when we encounter Parkers that are represented as original and never been touched that we had restored to new condition in the past. This is proof that if Parkers are restored or repaired to original Parker standards, specifications and workmanship it does not alter the originality or authenticity of the gun.